About Us


Scripts and Pixels is a full service creative design agency, internet marketing, email marketing, graphic design, web design,print ad design, direct mail, mailing lists, creative services and promotional items for small, mid-size businesses, marketing professionals, office managers and corporations. Regardless of the client, we work hard to target the appropriate audience with innovative and powerful promotional tools.


Web Design

Design isn't simply a matter of what we think looks cute or edgy or professional. Great web design serves several purposes: it strengthens your
branding; it guarantees an intuitive and easy to navigate website; it encourages your customers to take the action you're hoping for.

Before we can tweak pixels to perfect your web design, we need to know the purpose of your design and, more importantly, the purpose of your
website. What is the user action you're hoping for? What's the ultimate goal of your site? What would make it a success?

Together we'll sit and brainstorm. You'll do most of the talking while we'll do most of the scribbling, unless you like to scribble too, in which case
we'll be happy to share some paper.

Logo and Branding

Consistent branding expresses who you are and what you're all about. Your target audience should connect to your brand through a well -
designed logo, coordinating art elements and a message they can identify with. We'll make sure that connection actually happens.

Website Development

After you've approved your web design, we'll use efficient programming languages like CSS , Javascript and HTML5 to transform your design into a clickable, functioning website. We'll also add interactive elements and eye candy to create a rock-solid user experience.

Content Management System Website (CMS)

We're big fans of open source, and depending on your website's function, we'll build it with helpful platforms like Wordpress™ and many others,
or we'll just build it from scratch. Regardless of the route we take, we'll make sure that updating your content is as easy as updating your Facebook
status; after all, there's no point in a CMS that you can't manage on your own.


Your customers will appreciate accessible copy, so consider letting us help you keep things simple. We write clear, concise text for either print or
the web. Links, headings, homepage, about text, you name it. We'll write focused copy that targets both your web users and the search engines.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective, low-cost way to connect with your community while driving traffic back to your website. We can transform a
nondescript email from drab to fab by crafting a catchy message, designing and building an email template that enforces your brand, blasting out
the mass mailing and analyzing its effectiveness.